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White Label IT Case Study: Tatch Connect

In our modern world, connectivity is becoming more important than ever. With more people working from home, efficient, reliable internet connection has gone from a luxury to a necessity. For over 500,000 homes in the UK and for temporary office spaces, traditional networks are unable to provide coverage, which is where Tatch Connect comes in.

Providing high-speed broadband in remote and difficult-to-reach locations, Tatch Connect has a unique business model and network, requiring outstanding help and support for their end users.

At White Label IT we were absolutely thrilled to work alongside the company to help maintain the company’s rapid growth and positive reputation.

Tatch Connect operates outside of traditional limits, so we had to provide a similarly creative level of support, incorporating everything we’ve learnt over the years from providing 24/7 IT support and telecoms support.

The situation

As a business working to push the limits where other companies stop, Tatch Connect requires a bespoke level of support. Providing broadband and connectivity to homes where traditional connections fail, as well as to high-end clients and temporary offices, Tatch Connect requires tailored IT support.

Maintaining a positive reputation within the telecommunications and data transmission industry means minimising downtime, continually improving connectivity speeds and ensuring that problems are resolved fast and do not reoccur. Tatch Connect needed to work with a company that would work proactively to prevent issues rather than respond to existing problems.

As the network grows, the company requires scalable support to ensure customer satisfaction does not suffer. With such a high reliance on technical SaaS, they needed an external support team who would be as comfortable with their products as their internal team and could provide the technical support end-users required without compromising their reputation.

This is where we stepped in to help.

Our support

Working within the existing network framework meant our team had to adapt our traditional services to offer a level of support that would improve the end-user experience and allow for growth and network changes.

We worked collaboratively to create an ongoing set of support procedures that could be monitored remotely, providing unparalleled support, even in complicated circumstances such as remote locations or temporary contracts.

Here are just some of the ways we stepped up to help Tatch Connect with IT support.

24/7 seamless customer support

Tatch Connect prides itself on providing a high level of service to its individual and professional customers. Their clients rely on a seamless service from connectivity to customer support.

As such, the company needed to work with a team of customer service operatives who could provide a high level of technical testing support and client relations. Our team was able to offer technical line and speed testing for clients who needed immediate solutions.

Our trained experts worked to offer the standard of support needed for their bespoke technology, so customers calling for help at any time had a seamless service. We aimed to adapt to the Tatch Connect culture and methods so end-users would be unaware they were speaking with an outsourced third party.

This ongoing level of support allows us to collaborate with Tatch Connect to exceed customer expectations and maintain the company’s reputation of providing seamless internist service to difficult locations and high end customers.

Monitoring and assessment

Monitoring and testing the Tatch Connect service is an integral part of the support we provide. Adequate monitoring reduces the chance of end users experiencing issues and connectivity problems, as well as prevents network overloads.

Our team of experts implemented highly efficient testing and structured analysis processes to ensure the technological and business elements of Tatch Connect were functioning correctly. From speed tests, line tests and route tests to website monitoring, technical requirements and server hosting, our support has created an ongoing data source allowing Tatch Connect to continually assess and improve their operations.

The result is a smoother end-user experience, fewer disruptions and more significant cost savings due to reduced downtime. Advanced notification systems and automated solution applications continue to protect the company image and provide customers with a higher level of service.

Documentation and reporting

Another area in which Tatch Connect benefitted from White Label’s support was our approach to continuous improvement, documentation management and continuous feedback documentation.

Documentation is often an afterthought for many SaaS B2C companies. However, proper documentation and reporting can have a considerable number of benefits when used correctly.

Our team worked alongside the experts at Tatch Connect to create a set of continuous reporting procedures that would allow the company to identify problems and work for a better future. This additional line of feedback and support can be scaled indefinitely at no real additional cost, improving functionality and growth opportunities.

We worked to develop interactive and flexible feedback documentation using Lean and Sigma that will help develop a better user experience. Our ability to offer this expert approach to documentation and feedback management allowed Tatch Connect to gather data regarding its current service and plan for a better future.

Do you need bespoke IT support? We can help

Working alongside Tatch Connect to provide B2C and B2B customer support as well as technical support within the network framework allowed us to demonstrate how flexible and creative our experts can be.

Taking network connectivity to remote locations, large homes and temporary office buildings, showcased how thinking out of the box and implementing preventative measures and feedback documentation processes provides security and scalability.

For more information on our IT support services or to discuss your unique requirements, get in touch with your team today.


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