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Mastering Ticket Prioritisation - The White Label IT Approach

Efficient ticket handling is a key component of any successful helpdesk service. At White Label IT, we have honed a comprehensive process for managing and prioritising tickets within our Professional Services Automation (PSA) system. This article will explore our approach in depth, from initial ticket distribution to recording our time spent on tasks.

Key Aspects:

  1. The role of the MSP's PSA in defining our responsibilities

  2. Managing ticket prioritisation within our own PSA

  3. The process of recording tasks in the client's PSA

  4. Our method of handling overflow and after-hour calls

Defining Responsibilities with the MSP's PSA:

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) determine which tickets and phone calls fall under our responsibility within their PSA. To facilitate this, we assign a dedicated email address to each client. This email address is triggered when specific alerts are issued at certain times of the day, or for certain ticket types our client MSP wants us to handle.

Managing Ticket Prioritisation in Our PSA:

Once we receive an alert, ticket prioritisation is completely managed within our own PSA. Our client MSPs have full control over which tickets they want us to address, and we take over the responsibility of distributing these tickets among our team based on priority. In this way, we ensure that the most urgent matters are attended to promptly, enhancing the effectiveness of our service.

Recording Tasks in the Client's PSA:

While our team works within our client MSP’s systems, these tasks are recorded in our PSA. Only the time spent on a task, or a brief overview of the ticket, is recorded; the detailed prioritisation process, although managed outside of the MSP's PSA, is conducted within our own system. This dual-system approach allows us to keep our clients informed about the status of their tickets while maintaining control over task distribution and prioritisation within our team, and also enhances our client data protection protocols.

Handling Overflow and After-Hour Calls:

In addition to handling tickets, we also provide a dedicated phone number that our clients can use to forward calls during specific times or when there is an overflow. Once these calls join our queue, our Service Desk Managers (SDMs) or dispatch managers decide which agent should take the next call. This process ensures that all calls are attended to efficiently, adding further value to our service.


At White Label IT, we believe that meticulous ticket handling is integral to the smooth operation of any outsourced helpdesk. Through clear delineation of responsibilities, proactive ticket prioritisation, and efficient call handling, we strive to deliver a streamlined service that meets our clients' unique needs.

Our approach reflects our commitment to surpassing the role of a mere service provider, to act as a strategic partner that understands and addresses the complexities of our client MSP's operations. We firmly believe that the key to successful outsourcing lies in managing tasks effectively and ensuring that all parties involved are in complete agreement.

For a deeper understanding of our innovative ticket handling methodology, watch this video interview with our industry expert, Yusuf Yeganeh, as he discusses how White Label IT manages ticket priority effectively.

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