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  • Is the helpdesk really open 24hrs?
    Yes. This is genuine 24/7 IT support. We don't answer support calls in our pyjamas or crawl out of bed after letting the phone ring for two minutes. We know that 'on-call' doesn't quite cut it when it comes to 24/7 support. You need fully alert engineers in an office, who are ready to take your customers' calls at any time of day. When the phone rings, we answer quickly, pull up the customer details and get straight to fixing a problem without yawning.
  • Who do I speak to when I need to escalate a particular issue?
    Accountability is an important factor when outsourcing anything. We'll protect your reputation and deliver our services to the highest possible standards. That doesn't mean we can promise that mistakes won't happen - it's technology, after all. We have our own systems and processes to ensure internal accountability and points of escalation, so chances are we'll pick up on any issues before it reaches you or your customers. Saying that, we'll always have a senior point of contact available to you when you have any concerns.
  • Can you offer a fixed fee, per supported computer, per month?"
    Fixed fee would be on a per seat/user basis yes, at £25 per user. Most MSPs start on the ticket model though, and sometimes transition certain clients over to per seat when appropriate.
  • Is there an additional fee for 24/7 IT support?
    There is no additional fee for using the 24/7 helpdesk; you can use your IT support tickets right around the 24-hour cycle and from any country to choose to operate in.
  • Are you owned by an MSP?
    Microbyte powers the White Label IT company, which means you get access to the best MSP trained engineers, not just call centre staff. There is no need to worry about competition as we sign non-compete agreement will all our clients, as well as NDAs for complete peace of mind.
  • Can I use the White Label IT helpdesk for a single client?
    Yes, we can fully support one or more of your clients. MSPs normally choose the Per Seat model for a complete client management so they can log as many tickets as they like throughout the month.
  • My MSP is based outside the UK, can I still use White Label IT to support my clients?"
    Of course. We support MSPs and clients all over the world, so where you and your clients are based doesn't matter to us, we're just here to help.
  • How do I know you will support our clients to the same high standard we do?
    Try us. We will give you a couple of test tickets before you sign up. You can then call us at any time and see for yourself.
  • Which time zones do you cover?
    We cover all time zones, supporting customers across the world, including the UAE, USA, Europe and Australia.
  • How long does the onboarding process take?
    As an MSP, you'll understand that handover timescales can vary. Six weeks is probably a safe estimate for a standard setup. This gives us enough time to learn your services, systems and customers and get set up.
  • Do you guarantee to answer call within 5 minutes?
    We can do better than that! All support phone calls are answered in well under five mins - our usual call waiting time is under 45 seconds. During some periods we may ask the caller to leave a message but the callback is always within this time.
  • How do I get started with using the service?
    Our blog on the seven steps to white labelling your IT support desk shows you just how easy it is to outsource your support desk. Of course, feel free to give us a call or email and we'll talk you through it.
  • Where are your technicians located?
    Our techs are in Peterborough, London and Dubai, with Dubai providing the majority of the global OUT OF HOURS support. But don't worry, these are our own boys and girls in our own offices, and trained by our own people. Nothing is outsourced.
  • Can you offer a per incident fee?
    Per incident would only be when you go above your 20 tickets per month, and then it's simply £25 per ticket over and above. If you regularly use more than 20 tickets we might ask you to commit to a larger block but this is only if it works for both sides.
  • Do you support bespoke software?
    Yes. We go through a thorough onboarding process to find out everything we need to know about you and your clients, including key software. We would also ask for processes/scripts for how to support anything "out of the ordinary".
  • How will you log tickets from our clients?
    We ask you to create a login for us to your own PSA and RMM so we can work on tickets through there. This way you have complete visibility to the tickets your clients are logging.
  • Will you carry out site visits if a ticket can't be resolved remotely?
    The White Label helpdesk is only for remote 24/7 support, but you can speak to our projects team if you do require onsite visits.
  • Should I tell my clients they will be supported by a White Label helpdesk?
    This is totally up to you. We will create a dedicated number for your clients to call us on and we will present as you when calling them back. As we use your own PSA we will be emailing them as your company too. So they never need to know if you don't want them to.
  • Do you have an NDA or contract as you are talking to our customers?
    Yes, this will be sent via DocuSign for you and us to sign, we also have a non-compete built into this.


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