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The Seven Steps to White Labelling your IT support

This should tell you everything you need to know about how we work and what we can do for your business. It tells you how our NOC and IT Support desk work together, our pricing plan, and how we seamlessly fit in to your MSP’s IT Support offering. We hope you’ll be assured of the quality of service and our white label procedures that ensure we represent you at every level.

Download PDF • 3.07MB

2) Call us

Pretend you have a problem, go on. We’ll give you two free support tickets and you can call us when something’s wrong (or you can just pretend.) We do this before charging anything or learning about your systems so you can get first-hand experience of our response time, telephone manner and expertise. We’ll either fix it then and there or follow our standard escalation procedure. To get your free support tickets, drop us a line, we'll add your case ID to the system and then give us a call at your convenience.

3) Tell us about your business

If you’re happy with how our qualified engineers performed on your free tickets, take the next step and tell us about your MSP. How many staff do you have? Who are your clients? Are there any common problem areas you’d like us to investigate? We offer three types of white label support, so choose the service that suits you. Standard covers basic first- and second-line support; Overflow means you can hand over any third line support issues to us, so we’ll be your point of escalation; and our Advanced offering is perfect if you or your end-users have very specific technical or software requirements.

4) Show us the ropes of your IT Support company

Feel like we’re the right White Label Helpdesk for you? Now you can take us through your systems. We’ll charge a one-off fixed fee to understand all your systems and processes and the sorts of software and clients you support. We pride ourselves on our thorough approach, so we won’t leave a stone unturned. This not only includes your line of business applications but your clients’ too, so we know exactly what we’re supporting and the sorts of enquiries that will come in.

5) Trial us with a client

We won’t let you proceed with a fully white labelled service until you’re completely happy with how we work in action. A client trial gives us an opportunity to note down any potential issues or systems we need more information on. We’ll then set up a feedback session so we can delve deeper into specific needs and incorporate everything into our scripts and training.

6) Brand us up

We’ll make sure we fit seamlessly into your business, branding and core values. We'll set up call diversions from your business number and an email for our business using our own IT Support domain. We’ll answer calls with your business name and follow any specific script you want us to. Once you’re happy we look and sound the part, we’re good to go.

7) Relax

We’ve got you. Trust us. Enjoy the extra time that another pair of IT Support hands offers, and focus on what matters most to your business.


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