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White Label IT Case Study: Samaritans

Helping them help others

At White Label IT, we have worked across a wide range of industries, including finance, construction, property, agriculture, and more. Each industry presents unique challenges and situations to overcome.

Recently, we have been able to provide practical support for the non-profit organisation Samaritans. Working to support the internal IT department and help implement cost-effective solutions to support the charity’s important work.

The Situation

The Samaritans operate with a unique business structure that provides 24/7 access to helplines for people in need. Most members of the IT department are volunteers; some have limited IT knowledge and expertise, and many roles are shared or split. Funds can be limited, and there are few opportunities for significant investment in the latest technology. Unlike other businesses, the Samaritans are not just supported by IT; IT plays a primary role in their work, connecting the Samaritans to people across the UK.

For the Samaritans, any minute of downtime, interrupted calls, failed connections, or lost data could cost more than just money. It can leave users vulnerable and unable to get the vital help they need.

They needed cost-efficient support to bolster their internal IT team, providing knowledge and expertise to keep everything running smoothly. Minimising downtime was crucial as the cost of being unavailable could be someone’s life.

They needed a team of IT experts to support existing functions, be on hand when things go wrong, and work alongside volunteers to help them better understand their technology, enabling them to provide the care and support that millions of people rely on.

White Label IT was proud to step up and help.

Our White Label IT Support

Working with the Samaritans to bolster their in-house IT department, manage overflow and provide ad-hoc support as needed meant we had to be flexible in our approach. We had to ensure that every member of our team was prepared to work with untrained volunteers to provide the same high level of support expected by professional corporations.

Here’s a breakdown of how White Label IT supported the Samaritans.

Cost-effective support

Supporting an internal IT department as and when needed offers the most cost-effective solution for a business or non-profit. We were able to provide the support they needed while keeping expenses in mind.

Many IT support companies offer pre-determined 360 support packages, including Managed Services which may be too expensive. Our pay-as-you-go approach means charities like the Samaritans don’t need to pay for the support they don’t need.

By working alongside their internal team members, we could handle the overflow and work on more complex aspects of their infrastructure, and they didn’t need to invest in a larger internal team.

Working with non-experts

We understand that IT and technology can be confusing, and for many non-trained experts, it can be mind-boggling. Many of the internal IT team at Samaritans are volunteers with limited experience handling more complicated technological challenges. Our engineers were prepared to offer the clarity and understanding needed to ensure everyone was happy.

Our team of experts has a wealth of knowledge, and we are happy to share. Working with volunteers meant we needed to develop creative and engaging methods to communicate complicated IT matters in simpler terms. Our aim was to help train and inspire confidence in the in-house IT team, so they felt ready to take on the challenges of their role without worrying about IT.

24/7 support

For the Samaritans, any minute of downtime, interrupted calls, failed connections, or lost data could cost more than just money. It was crucial for the Samaritans to work with a company that could provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our remote out-of-hours helpdesk is on hand to provide support as and when it is needed. Working with the internal IT team helped us minimize downtime and ensure that systems were working smoothly. Often, our support team worked with remote workers and across multiple offices allowing Samaritans to focus on providing essential support for others.

Need support for your internal IT team?

Working with the Samaritans to support their existing internal IT team showcased our flexibility in offering professional support working alongside volunteers. Our cost-effective remote support offers a great alternative to working with a fully-managed services provider.

Get in touch today if you are a business or non-profit looking for IT support to improve your IT department without disrupting your current infrastructure.

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