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White Label IT Case Study: Standset Solutions

While we frequently work with companies across many sectors, we also work within the IT industry. Supporting software companies requires specific expertise and a unique approach. Often, IT companies looking for IT support require an increased level of knowledge with more sensitive handling of information.

We recently began working with an IT company with over 25 years of experience delivering software, and platforms, and using APIs. This enabled us to showcase our expertise and work collaboratively to create the best solutions possible for the company, Standset Solutions, and their clients.

The Situation

Supply software to various companies working within the transport industry; Standset Solutions had unique requirements to support the continual movement of goods and operations often across borders. The company had grown fast and could no longer support all operations internally across a now global business model.

Additionally, with such rapid growth, there were no documented processes or reports to ensure expansion was in line with existing software. The result was an unusual structure where new sectors of the business did not follow existing protocols.

Furthermore, as their cloud services expanded across multiple time zones, they often were required to provide emergency out-of-hours support which was financially ineffective and unnecessarily labour-intensive.

Finally, Standset Solutions is used to help manage non-emergency patients, ensure rail journeys run smoothly, and their complete end-to-end software solutions enable companies worldwide to plan and deliver goods effectively and on time. Downtime, connectivity issues and other issues can very quickly have a knock-on impact across multiple businesses and sectors. They needed a way to ensure their software could be effectively monitored and managed using cloud-based and remote services to maintain their reputation and high level of service.

Our Support

In our initial talks with Standset Solutions, we identified several places where we could implement changes immediately to help operations run more smoothly. We also looked at where we could provide ongoing support services, working collaboratively to provide their clients with the best service possible.

Here are just a few of the ways our team of experts was able to work with Standset Solutions within the IT sector to overhaul and improve their business.

Documentation and process management

As is often the case, rapid growth in a company can result in decisions being made and steps taken without considering long-term record keeping. The result is a set of processes and procedures that haven’t been adequately recorded or reported.

Since Standset Solutions codes and develops software in-house, they needed to work with a team of experts that could truly understand their suite of products and work collaboratively to ensure future teams would have the understanding and documentation in place to keep up with the company’s growth.

Our team of IT Support experts worked alongside their software specialists to fully understand each element of the software and create documents detailing every aspect of the setup and maintenance of the software.

With these documents in place, Standset Solutions can roll out new products, train new engineers and provide information to clients using a standardized and approved set of procedures. This will support further growth and ensure that future clients and engineers are onboarded effectively.

Cloud services support

As a software developer and provider, much of Standset Solutions' operations are conducted remotely using cloud services. As such, their cloud-hosted solutions require bespoke maintenance and monitoring as well as remote cloud services support.

With a cloud-based suite of products, we could work remotely and more efficiently to set up affordable solutions while maintaining a high level of security. Our flexibility using SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS enables us to work across the software suite and extend resources and access as needed to various clients.

We also worked with the existing cloud-based implementation to improve communication and collaboration across several different cloud-based platforms while maintaining a single management portal.

24/7 IT support

Our Whitelabel IT helpdesk immediately implemented a system to provide 24/7 support for Standset Solutions and their clients. Our helpdesk operates a ticketing system for round-the-clock support when needed most. This helped reduce downtime, solved problems faster and enabled smoother operations.

In addition, our team of experts remains on hand to monitor and analyse the software, fixing problems before they disrupt client operations. Our security alerts, preventative maintenance, server reboots and updates, and troubleshooting helps Standset Solutions maintain an agile and responsive business across their software suite.

Final Thoughts

Working alongside Standset Solutions to provide the best IT services possible allowed our team of experts to expand their knowledge base and work collaboratively with the in-house team allowing for a seamless approach.

The result of our combined expertise means that Standset Solutions can offer its clients a more streamlined service with the appropriate documentation and the best support possible at any time of day or night.

As Standset Solutions experts develop and update its products, it can be sure it’s ready to expand with the support it needs to grow effectively.

Work in IT services? Want IT support?

If you’re an IT company looking to expand your services and want to work with experts who understand the industry from the inside, get in touch today. Our team of experts can discuss your requirements and create a bespoke plan to help your business thrive.


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