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White Label IT - FAQs

Are you a UK or US-based MSP looking for an OUT OF HOURS helpdesk?

Then perhaps you will be interested in learning more about our Services via the following question and answers.

How does White Label IT, keep my data and client information secure?

All data is kept within the MSPs systems, no data of any value is EVER stored in our systems.

How do you keep track of agents and who is accessing our systems?

We have a host of policies and procedures, as well as technical controls, to ensure we treat your systems and clients with the utmost security and respect.

As an example staff use encrypted company issue machines, with MFA, conditional access, Lastpass, AAD auditing and Azure P1/P2 to mention but a few.

Can White Label IT handle both desktop and server/AD tickets?

Yes, but not 3rd line tickets related to changes which could not be solved by the MSP. For instance, tickets which are for example making scripted changes to Active Directory, or looking at why printer sharing is not working well are absolutely fine.

But if for example, we receive a ticket for a revision of quota management, this should be handled by the MSP.

Which PSAs and RMM tools are your White Label Engineers familiar with?

We have experience with and currently use all the major PSAs and RMM tools including AutoTask, Connectwise, Ninja and Kasaya as well as a host of lesser-known platforms. As long as they are stable usable platforms, we are happy to work with them.

The majority of the White Label IT team is UK based with smaller offices in Dubai & Los Angeles.

Would your team be updating tickets / communicating with our clients through our own PSA to ensure a seamless ticketing experience?

Absolutely, we would use your PSA or CRM for ticketing updates and all client communication.

Does your own ticketing system integrate with ours, or do we give you access/credentials to our own?

We do have our own PSA (for internal monitoring) but although being developed there is no connector and all tickets would be logged/actioned through yours first. We only require a single login as all engineer auditing and logging is done internally using our own systems. For example, LastPass, Azure AD, ActivTrak etc.

Is there a time limit for tickets? For example, if something takes 4 hours would the tech complete this under a single ticket (such as a new PC setup)?

There is no time limit (we appreciate some tickets take longer and end users are not always immediately available) and a single issue would remain under one ticket.

However, we do believe in a fair use policy and as such, we would expect the average ticket to take between 15 to 20 minutes as by that point there would normally be some reason for the MSP to be contacted.

If your team is contacted for something out of scope and escalates the issue up to our MSP, is that ticket counted against our ticket allowance?

If our team has taken action on the issue, this would still count as a chargeable ticket, even if escalated. If no actions, then the ticket would not be part of the allowance.

In essence, if we had to take meaningful action on a ticket, i.e. discover in-depth what was going on and tried a fix and failed, it would only be fair that this would count as a ticket.

Is there a discount if we purchase more tickets than the standard 20?

Our ticket pricing would remain at £25.00 per ticket despite volumes.

Fill in the form below for our White Label IT brochure and a member of our team will be in touch.

Do any unused tickets in a monthly block carry over to the next month?

Due to resourcing costs, we do not carry over any unused allocation from previous months.

Would White Label IT sign a BAA (for HIPAA clients)?

As standard we are more than happy to sign a con-compete, NSA and GDPR Data processing agreements. If you required further documents signing these can be vetted on an individual basis.

Would you install cloud software for users (i.e. O365, Salesforce / HubSpot plugin) and software updates requiring admin elevation?

Yes as long as the process and expectation is documented or planned. A random call at 1am with a user requesting a software installation would normally indicate some missed planning earlier on. However, we would always do everything we can to get the user operational.

Do you outsource any of the work, or is it completed all in-house?

All work is completed by our in-house team with the majority based in the UK but with offices also in Dubai & LA.

If a call comes through from a non-client (i.e. they don’t have help desk service or maybe a sales person trying to get through) are those counted as “tickets” and how are they handled?

These would not count as tickets & we would be happy to pass these messages on or use a script provided, however, fair usage would apply, i.e. it cannot be a regular occurrence as we are not a call center, but a helpdesk.

How long does it take for the phones to be answered and what is the average wait time?

Our normal service would hope to answer calls immediately, but our agents are a shared resource and as such customers may queue on occasion. The average wait time currently is rarely over 1minute.

Our MSP is located over several countries. When calling our clients, what would the caller ID show as (name and number)?

We would assign numbers to your account appropriate for your country, we are able to provide numbers for most countries.

Do you answer the phones as “my company name” or something generic such as “Technical Support”?

We would normally answer using a generic welcome, we prefer not to state a name and the IVR should handle this part. It just leaves more room for errors with staff.

Would your team ever need to email our clients outside of our PSA?

No this would not be necessary, we would only ever message from within your PSA

Do you have any other questions? Please get in touch and we will be happy to answer them.

Contact Us Today on +44 (0)333 344 4750 or


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