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White Label IT helps Cy4sec meet their 24/7 support requirements

Case Study: How White Label IT helped Cy4sec meet their client’s IT support needs

In an age where cybercrime is rife, it’s vital that everyone feels protected - from individuals and small businesses to enterprises and VIPs.

Cy4sec are a UK company with a global reach, providing enterprise-level cyber security consulting and protection services to organisations, executives, high-value individuals and high net-worth families. They serve clients across EMEA and North America, including the UAE and Greece, and their customers are increasingly after 24/7 IT support.


Cy4sec were receiving more client requests for a 24/7 helpdesk as well as on-site support for a new Dubai client. The client was trying to manage their IT in-house, but standards were low. A security audit found security issues typical in small businesses, such as poorly configured firewalls and very old practices. After looking at the in-house possibilities Cy4Sec decided to look into white label solutions that would provide the support their client needed without the extra overheads. It was vital they had a team who could not only provide a helpdesk, but get their customer up-to-speed with modern security practices.


It was important to Cy4Sec that they had a partner who could offer the highest security standards as well as exceptional customer service. Not only were their client and end-users’ needs important, but they also wanted to work with a down-to-earth team with a great attitude who were easy to work with. White Label IT not only offered round-the-clock support, they also could also carry out vital on-site project work from their Dubai office and give Cy4Seca clear view of what was happening behind-the-scenes.


Not only have Cy4Sec been able to offer new customers an enhanced support offering, they can attract a wider client base. Regarding their client in Dubai, White Label IT’s on-site Dubai team were able to understand exactly what needed to change on the ground and bring Cy4Sec’s client to a good security standard.

White Label IT did a really sterling job from a support perspective. I think one thing we really liked about working with them is that they weren’t a big outsourcing outfit. We were looking for something with a little bit more of a personal touch, and we liked the outfit size and their attitude. They’re down to earth, and you feel like you’re in safe hands. We loved their MO and the way they present themselves - fresh-thinking and not too big for their boots. They offered something that was different to some of the big competitors and the job was done very well.

“With any sort of service management, you have all the boring stuff like policies and procedures and then you’ve got soft skills like the attitude or the manner in which the support person operates and White Label IT were really great on both levels, always treating the customer with respect in the process.”

Simon Donovan, Cy4Sec

“In an always-on world, 24/7 IT support is becoming a necessity and we’re delighted to work with an MSP like Cy4Sec who share our vision for a more secure digital world. Cy4Sec protect digital reputations and their clients demand the absolute platinum standard of security and service, and it’s our privilege to support them through our 24/7 White Label Helpdesk”

Yusuf Yeganeh, CEO - White Label IT


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