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Onboarding MSPs

At White Label IT, we provide IT helpdesk support for a wide range of businesses across many industries. As well as working directly with companies that need to support their existing IT departments, we also work with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that require help with basic ticket overflow, out-of-hours support, or specific software.

Working directly with an in-house IT team requires different processes and systems compared to working with an established MSP. When we begin working with an MSP and start the onboarding process, we use a different approach to ensure that MSPs get the support they need.

Here are just a few of the top things we consider when onboarding MSPs.

Seamless Integration

MSPs require an increased focus on integration and cross-system communication. While MSPs focus on high-value projects, their IT support helpdesk needs to sit seamlessly across various end-user applications and multiple sector-specific platforms.

From CRMs and ERPs to cloud-based data storage, local servers, and legacy systems, we place a strong focus on ensuring that our services sit seamlessly alongside your existing operations. This allows us to offer the same quality of service so your clients will never notice a difference.

As we onboard MSPs, we believe that learning your processes and systems, while allowing you to take charge and tell us what’s important, means we can work more effectively as an extension of your team.

Communication and Feedback

One element of onboarding MSPs that often gets overlooked is the feedback process. Generally, a helpdesk company focuses on how they will receive information and not how they can share information with others.

If a ticket is ongoing and taking time to resolve, there must be an effective feedback procedure to ensure we are aware of the next steps. Starting a conversation about how feedback can be given is essential to prevent problems down the line and is a large initial focus.

This same communication loop can also be used when providing feedback on what went well or perhaps went wrong. If a ticket is taking a long time to solve, if there was a communication breakdown between us, the MSP, and the client, or if any issue affected the service your client received, we know that having an open feedback and communication process is essential. This allows us to improve our systems and ensure it won’t occur again.

Customer Services

As an IT helpdesk service provider, we work with MSPs across multiple industries. Our 24/7 services often mean we are in direct contact with your clients, meaning we are representing your business to the people that matter most. As soon as we start working with an MSP, we talk about how you interact with your clients, what they expect from you, how you go the extra mile for them and what they may not appreciate.

Understanding your personal touches when it comes to customer interactions and customer support means we can be sure we are working as an extension of your business and not in conflict with it. We want to know if your clients are used to American or British English, do they prefer to be contacted over the phone or via email, and are you more formal or relaxed with your clients?

As a part of the onboarding process, we aim to understand your business’s culture to ensure that your clients are happy with our services and, therefore, happy with your customer service.

Technology and Standards

We understand that every business is different. The technology you use, the platforms you rely on, and the services you provide will be unique, and all will require a bespoke IT helpdesk. When we begin working with a Managed Service Provider, we want to ensure that the technology and software we use are compatible with yours.

Technology is continually changing. So as your client's needs evolve, we must ensure we adapt accordingly to safeguard our and your IT helpdesk and prepare for the future.

We also aim to ensure that standards and regulations remain aligned with your offerings and operations. Setting parameters for what we do, taking over tickets, handing tickets back, communicating solved tickets, identifying potential problems, and other standards of support must be set up as a part of the onboarding process.

Does your MSP need a Helpdesk?

If you are an MSP looking to outsource helpdesk capabilities to improve your service for clients or offer out-of-hours support, White Label IT can help. We know that how we onboard MSPs sets us and you up for future success with your clients. Onboarding an MSP is different from working directly with a company’s IT team, and we believe that our approach to onboarding is more effective at ensuring you and your clients are happy.

If you want to gain greater insight into how we onboard MSP, the steps we take to ensure communications and transitions don’t impact your operations or your clients, or if you just want to speak to us, get in touch today. Our team will be happy to answer any questions and begin the onboarding process with you.


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