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Outsourced Help Desk for MSP

Digital technology and IT services are a big part of almost every business model today. Whether a business deals directly in technology or uses technology to support its operations, virtually no business can function effectively without a good IT structure.

But it is flexible and continually changing. You can't simply set up a system and expect it to run correctly every day. Changing demands, updates, new security threats, and data inputs can cause problems and lead to complications in the future.

As such, most businesses understand the need for a proper, effective IT helpdesk. Providing internal support across all IT systems and software is a crucial part of ensuring your technology is working for you.

But this specialist work requires expert knowledge, and fluctuating demand makes having an internal team impracticable and expensive. The answer is to outsource your IT helpdesk.

What's A Helpdesk? What are Outsourced Help Desk Services?

Before you consider outsourcing your IT helpdesk, you should fully understand the capabilities of a helpdesk and what outsourcing an IT helpdesk really means.

A helpdesk is a term used to describe a team, department, or group of people who provide support and give advice on a specific area or subject. Usually, a helpdesk refers to IT or technical problems. A helpdesk can answer requests, solve problems, and support people as they use technology.

This means that you can have an internal helpdesk. These are usually a part of the IT department, and often the helpdesk staff work across other areas of IT. A helpdesk should respond to complaints and issues and is not involved in other aspects of IT.

This means that an internal helpdesk may not be adequately managed and can become over-staffed, under-staffed, or lack the appropriate expertise as team members work on other projects.

This is why lots of companies choose to outsource their helpdesk. Outsourcing is an agreement or contract in which another company provides the services required.

outsourced help desk white label worker
White Label IT provide existing IT support teams with the opportunity to offer a 24/7 IT helpdesk.

In terms of an IT helpdesk, this means that the helpdesk is contractually obligated to provide support to the company, but they are actually employed by the helpdesk business. Often helpdesk companies offer support for many companies at once, so the people responding to calls and queries are working across several helpdesks at once.

Benefits of Outsourcing Help Desk

Many companies are still reluctant to outsource IT helpdesks and support because they believe that it takes elements of their digital structure out of their control. However, by nature, a helpdesk should support your operations and ensure that your technology is working well for you.

There are many benefits to outsourced help desk services. Here are just a few.

Increased Expertise

Small to medium businesses often cannot attract and retain the kind of IT talent needed to maintain complex systems. Working with an outsourced helpdesk means gaining instant access to more talent and experts than an in-house team.

Companies can benefit from the latest training, best practices, technology, and software without investing in any of it themselves.

Reduced Costs

While paying to outsource your IT helpdesk might seem more expensive than keeping it internal, you will likely save money in the long run. Outsourced IT helpdesks mean fewer full-time staff wasting their time and your money during periods of low demand.

Furthermore, by solving problems fast, preventing future issues, and letting experts keep your IT systems in check, you'll save money with more efficient operations. Letting professionals handle your IT means less downtown, improved customer relations, and streamlined daily practices to save you money.

Focused Resources

By outsourcing elements of your IT, such as your helpdesk, you can focus your internal team and resources on other matters. If you have a team of experts that are implementing a long-term strategy, it's a waste of their time and skill to spend hours installing an update or setting up a new user profile.

You can use your internal team more effectively, maximizing their skills and designating funding to other areas of investment.

Less Risk

When you outsource your help desk services, you also outsource the risk. Firstly, many helpdesks will take on a lot of the responsibility to ensure your IT systems are secure and any threats are responded to in a timely manner.

Secondly, by having a team of experts on hand round-the-clock, you can reduce the risk that serious problems will impact your business by getting problems sorted out of hours. With experts on hand at all times, security is increased, and your staff and customers will never even know there was a problem.

Improved Productivity

An overlooked benefit of outsourced help desk services is that your team can focus on getting on with their jobs. Having a help desk team on hand means remote workers can access servers, and data can be passed and stored securely without worry.

This means fewer technical issues, and your team can get on with delivering services and adding value to your business without worrying about minor inconveniences.

Can I outsource my entire 247 helpdesk to White Label IT?

Yes of course, find out more with our Managing Director Yusuf Yeganeh below:

Why Outsourcing for MSP Makes Sense?

Many businesses choose to outsource one or all elements of their IT support to third parties. It is increasingly technical, and many companies recognize the benefits of outsourcing IT.

But since many companies work with managed service providers (MSPs), it can come as a shock to find out that many MSPs also outsource helpdesk requirements. The same benefits that make outsourcing IT helpdesks a good idea for a business apply to MSPs.

A helpdesk is just one element of comprehensive IT support. MSPs can offer support from installation and security to IT roadmaps and future-proofing the business. Often, a helpdesk is the simplest form of IT support, so by outsourcing the helpdesk, MSPs can focus on providing better advice and bespoke packages.

White Label IT

Often, MSPs outsourcing their helpdesk requirements operate under a white label model. Under this structure, the helpdesk can be fully integrated and provide bespoke, branded support to a company via the MSP.

MSPs work with a few select helpdesk operations under a white label to ensure the quality of service to the final customers is smooth and cohesive. A white label gives them increased control over the helpdesk to provide a seamless managed service.

Do You Need To Outsource Your IT Helpdesk?

If you are looking to outsource your IT helpdesk or wish to discuss how White Label IT works alongside Microbyte Managed Services, get in touch with us today.

Fill in the form below for our White Label IT brochure and a member of our team will be in touch.

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